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SVDX Cybersecurity

The Ticking Time Bomb of Compromised and Exploited Employees: Why Technical Cybersecurity Isn’t Enough

Silicon Valley Director’s Exchange | February, 2021 | Virtual Conference

While cybersecurity remains a top concern and is increasingly handled well at the best run companies, other related factors may now pose an equal or greater security threat or serve to undermine even the most impressive cybersecurity strategy. Clandestine and counter intelligence professionals have long known that employees are vulnerable to being exploited, whether by a competitor, a rogue hacker, or perhaps an international entity. And yet only recently have boards and companies started to recognize that the human factor presents multiple weak links in even the most well established cybersecurity programs. Former US intelligence officers and technology experts will spell out critical issues every thoughtful board should review. This session will discuss the risks that you haven’t even considered and how to address them before it’s too late.

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